Global TaeKwon-Do Martial Arts Inc. is the governing body for Global TaeKwon-Do Federation (GTF) in Saskatchewan.

GTMA received approval to represent The Global TaeKwon-Do Federation in Saskatchewan by Master Vito Pallella, president of GTF Canada and Mrs. Park, GTF president. Our goal is to grow an organization where every student and instructor can equally share in the benefits gained through competing, fundraising and cooperation.

We strive to improve the TaeKwon-Do experience for all our students and instructors.

GTMA follows the steadfast rules and traditional values taught by GTF founder and teacher, Grand Master Park Jung Tae. It was through his humble spirit that we were privileged to learn the meaning of a true Martial Artist. His dedication has grown the Global TaeKwon-Do Federation into a thriving union all around the world.


GTMA White


Global Taekwon-Do Martial Arts exists to govern clubs that exist in the province training within the GTF banner and to promote Global Taekwon-Do in Saskatchewn (GTF).


To develop a strong program that will attract both instructors and students to train. Accomplishing this through transparency, fairness and opportunity and by demonstrating the tenants: Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-Control and an Indomitable Spirit.

Core Values

  1. To instill, display and lead by the tenants of Taekwon-do, for our students, instructors and board members.
  2. Fairness for all. Clubs, instructors and students inclusively.
  3. To nurture the relationships between our clubs and with our members through transparency and clarity of communication.
  4. To educate our instructors and referees in order to confidently promote our sport.

The GTMA Board

The GTMA Board of Directors is made up of 7 people who have been a part of GTF/GTMA Taekwon-Do for many years and have come from several locations within the province.

Meetings are held several times a year and our Annual General Meeting takes place every June.

It is the boards goal to support our clubs, students and instructors while also adhering to the expectations placed on us by the governing and funding bodies in Saskatchewan, as well as, listening to and taking action to create an optimum martial arts experience for everyone.

Saskatchewan GTMA Clubs


  • Trinda Jocelyn

    Estevan Taekwon-Do, Estevan


  • Wayne Brown

    Vice President
    Estevan Taekwon-Do, Estevan

  • Lisa Folden

    Dragan Caoin, Osler

  • Wendy Stevenson

    Clavette Taekwondo

  • Martina Stevenson

    Member at Large
    Allen Taekwondo

  • Waseem Tannous

    Member at Large
    Jookam Taekwondo